Attractive Kids Room with Colourful Painting Ideas

Kids are naturally moved by colours generally and it tends to serve as a source of inspiration to them as they relate to it while growing up, hence the utmost need to design their rooms to be bright and colourful. It should also be noted that apart from serving as their resting room, it is also their play room, therefore lots of fascinating toys with various games and others should also be provided for their maximum satisfaction.

Firstly, the wall must be painted with lots of bright colours such as orange, blur, yellow, light green with every one covering some parts of the wall or better still one colour such as yellow covering the whole wall and thereafter other colours used to create various shapes on the wall/ Again a poster of a live feature such as water, animals, or from the kid’s favourite sports may also be pasted on the wall at times.


The ceiling may just be painted with white colour regardless of the colour used for the wall, it goes with virtually every colour and white fluorescent light preferably used.

As for the floor, we can either go for a normal marble design that cools the bright design by combining earlier used colours, painting the floor in a horizontal pattern with each colour occupying same dimensions and not covering the whole extent of the room. However, it might be better to use a high quality marble floor of a colour like brown and then covering the centre or some parts with a rug, preferably blue. We must be mindful not to cover kid’s room with tiles so as not to result in accidents.

It will be quite enough to make use of a normal bed design but for kid’s sake, we can also go an extra mile by employing an amazing design from what they are likely to get fascinated about, such as bed modelled after cars, ships, box, keyboard or any other amazing design, this might even go a long way to develop an interest in such things later.


If needs be, a table may be placed in the room maybe for play or learning sake, such as for reading, painting or playing with toys. The room must be adorned with their favourite toys all over and also with object from the kid’s favourites. For example, most American kids love basketball or baseball, therefore it will be nice to creatively place a basket or baseball in their rooms.

A kid at its formative stage naturally do not know much and learns from what it hears or see, therefore, there is a need to create a design they can easily relate to and also surround them with accessories that can shape their future for good.

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