Beautiful Design on Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenage girl bedroom ideas come in variant designs and theme to create feminine and calm sense in the girl bedroom. As everybody knows, girl bedroom typically designed with feminism and soft accent on the entire part of bedroom including bedding, cabinetry, wall, and flooring. There are many ways which are simple to help you decorate the teenage girl bedroom since it contains of the owner personality. The following are several tips in designing teenage girl bedroom.

modern teenage girl bedroom ideas

How to Applying Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Generally, teenage girl bedroom ideas contains of feminism and soft sense on the room which represented by the cabinetry, bedding, wall and flooring ideas. It starts from coloring ideas as wall décor and flooring ideas. Several clam and feminine colors such as pink, purple, light blue, beige, and maroon, even red can be perfectly applied in teenage girl bedroom. Flooring ideas can be considered according to the wall color. Wood floor will create such natural and warmth accent in the bedroom. But you can add some colorful tiles as flooring ideas to suit the wall color theme.

Cabinetry and bedding have the same color application as the wall and flooring ideas. The color can be suited or combined to make harmony sense in the bedroom. Drapery style of white sheer curtain applied on the bed will create such feminine accent as like queen bed style. Dress table is a must cabinetry to complete teenage girl bedroom ideas. Large mirror in various shape such as oval, circle, and rectangular can add certain feminine sense in the bedroom. Curtain is an accessory which can represent the feminism with the style and color. To brighter the bedroom, apply sheer curtain to allow the natural day light illuminate the room.

awesome teenage girl bedroom ideas

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Design
There are various designs of teenage girl bedroom. Here is a sample of teenage girl bedroom design which can be great inspiration for you. Pink is great coloring in this girl bedroom. Deep pink wall color with unique texture on the wall behind the bed looks contrast with pure white color applied on other wall, floor, bed and other cabinetry. Single bed is located next to pink curtained window. Simple 4-drawer cabinet is applied in other side of bed with hanging pink circle mirror above it. In the left side in front of the drawer cabinetry, a set of white study desk and its chair bright the teenage girl bedroom ideas with the neutral color

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