Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

Most of the girls prefer pink color on their room’s walls. This color is more associated with them and it will fit perfect with their clothes and furniture. You will be satisfied after you read our bedroom ideas for girls. Other girls prefer blue, violet, green or orange color for a perfect design. Create a traditional room for them, or modern style which will fit with current trend. It doesn’t matter how big the room is because once they are in high-school, they don’t have much time playing with dolls.


Choose the perfect bedroom design from a variety of models

There are lots of bedroom ideas for girls where you can choose from. A white painted room, with small bed with white blankets and white pillows and white carpet with pink squares is perfect for a daydreamer girl. Even if she’s old enough for playing with dolls, you can’t throw away her toys. It will add a plus to bedroom design if there is a place where all her dolls are placed. Near it you can place a small white chair to fit with the room. If you want to combine some colors, you can choose a dark red carpet on the floor and some flowered blanket over the bed. Some pink curtains will fit perfectly. Near the window you can place a working white table with white lamp and red chair. She will do homework relaxed and no stress. If you don’t know what type of bed to choose, make sure it will fit with bedroom design. Choose upholstery bed only if you want to design a traditional room. Add a bedside table near it and some paintings on the walls. If she still wants to be treated like a princess use a pink drapery over the bed.

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