Bedroom Trends: Aesthetics and Amenities

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Bedroom Trends: Aesthetics and Amenities
As people spend more time at home and less time traveling or going out, higher value is placed on the aesthetic value and relaxation value of the home. This shift in behavior is manifesting throughout home design, but especially with bedroom design. Light coloring, airy linens, and alternative spaces to relax and work are emerging as themes.
Most bedrooms have a television set visible from the bed, but to maximize the relaxation and tranquility factor of a bedroom, people are setting up comfortable seating arrangements. Ideally, the television should be positioned so that it is visible from both bed and seating area.
Another interesting trend takes a note from hotel rooms. People are setting up coffee stations in their bedrooms so that they can wake up without disturbing the rest of the house. This is a fabulous idea for people who have roommates or people seeking a few moments of serenity before interacting with family.

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