Blue and White Dorm Ideas for Your Pleasure

Blue and white dorm ideas are great ideas for the room color. Blue associated with nature. It is identical with water and air elements. Therefore, it will give you the nature atmosphere in the dorm room.
Blue and White Dorm Ideas

Using blue color as your blue and white dorm ideas are able to increase the calm feeling and cool. It is able to be apply in both boys and girls room. The blue color also children favorite color. You do not need to doubt about it.
Blue and White Dorm

Blue and white dorm ideas will not complete without using the white color. Just combine the white color with the blue. It will be a perfect combination. You know that white will match to every color.

Blue and White Dorm 2012
Its combination can be in the same portion or one contribute bigger. Just decide whether you want to choose blue or white that is dominate. Blue domination will give you a natural atmosphere, meanwhile white domination give you more elegant look. It is all looking great, thus I suggest you to make the combination in the same portion, and it would be a wonderful blue and white dorm ideas.

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