Boy Bedroom Ideas, Compromise and Cool

Sometimes it seems that decorating a girls bedroom can be simple, but a boys bedroom, now that’s something else.  Since it’s usually mom who does the redecorating and thus has to come up with cool boy bedroom ideas, it may be true that boys are a challenge.  Well, it doesn’t really have to be as hard as it might seem.  All you have to do is agree on a theme and decorating scheme.  Remember that if you want your child to like their new room and enjoy spending time in it, then you need to let them participate in its creation.  Also, it’s a great opportunity to get ideas from your child on the future.  Ask him what he would like to have in his bedroom a year or two down the road so that you can plan for that as well.


For boy bedroom ideas, one thing is the same as with girls, you have to take into consideration the age of the child.  An eight year old might be ecstatic with a jungle themed room complete with stuffed animals swinging about and maybe a few strategically placed plastic trees, but a 10 or 11 year old will have decidedly different ideas, so be sure and consult them before making plans.  Now for this age you might have better luck with a sports themed bedroom.  Use bold, bright colors on the walls.  A desk and chair are essential naturally.  You could also purchase some cheap framed pictures of his favorite sports heros to hang on the walls, hang a pendant above the bed, place a basketball hoop above a wastebasket, or a football helmet in a place of honor on a shelf.  Have them put behind glass and display his collection of baseball cards prominently above a bureau.  In fact, you can fill all the shelves in the room with sports paraphernalia for a great boy bedroom idea.


Now if you’re going for a more whimsical theme then you could hang several Japanese lanterns in various colors from the ceiling at different lengths.  Paint clouds on the ceiling itself.  If your child likes to travel, or dream about far away places, then a full wall can be covered by a map of the world, or posters of exotic lands that have captured his imagination.  How about hanging a miniature hot air balloon somewhere, and putting a couple ships on the shelves?  All of these make for a generally fantastic boy bedroom idea.  And always remember to incorporate your child’s favorite colors into the decorating scheme.  With one of these rooms your child will feel like you took his likes and dislikes into consideration, and like you’ve been paying attention to what his interests really are instead of what you’d like them to be.


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