Boy Bedroom Ideas That Celebrate Who Your Child Is

When it comes to boy bedroom ideas or girl bedroom ideas for that matter, many parents become stumped.  Well, that’s usually because they are trying to find a way to accommodate their own tastes in their child’s room.  It’s never going to work.  No child is going to be satisfied with a bedroom put together by mom and dad, no matter how hard they worked on it if it doesn’t reflect some of their own personal style.  And if you think about it, who can blame them?  So here are some boy bedroom ideas for that little tiger in your life that you love so much.



First start off with your son’s favorite color.  If it happens to be black skip to the second color and begin taking your child to a psychologist regularly.  But the odds are it will be something bright and cheerful like blue, green, red, even orange.  Once you have determined your son’s favorite color, then consult with him on how to best incorporate it into his room.  For instance, would he like white walls and lots of color throughout the room, or colored walls and a more toned down atmosphere to the rest of the room.  And what about the bed?  And the carpet?  Work all of these things out with your child first.  A nine year old is not too young to have some say over how he’d like his room to look, neither is a six year old. Say your son’s hobby is astronomy, and he loves to look at the stars at night through his telescope.  Okay, then why not bring the stars right inside and paint them onto the ceiling in fluorescent paint, so that he can lay in bed and look at them every single night before falling asleep.  Now that sounds like a pretty good boy bedroom idea. Then there’s the carpet.  Now if you have a midnight blue ceiling, it’s kind of hard to match a carpet to that unless you choose the same kind of carpet.  And why not?  Then the walls can be white and the bedcovers any color or mixture of colors your child wants.

Then choose the furniture for the bedroom carefully.  Keep in mind for your boy bedroom ideas that a child doesn’t necessarily require a lot of furniture to clutter up what will undoubtedly end up being a cluttered room anyway.  So choose wisely.  A small desk and chair for doing homework, some shelves for books and plenty of room to put around symbols of his hobby, like a sun with the planets spinning around it, a globe of the world, etc.  Remember that his room is part of your child’s identity, so allow him to be himself in this one place above all others.

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