Extraordinary Boy Bedroom Ideas for the Young Man in Your Life

Searching for a way to create a bright and happy bedroom for your little boy?  Well, here are some inspiring boy bedroom ideas to tickle the fancy of any boy.  From bold and artsy to out and out dynamic they are kid-friendly and exciting.  How about a color scheme based on the type of artwork a boy would do?  A high-energy painting hanging on the wall full of bright color, a light blue wall so you don’t go color blind, and a red or orange bookshelf for added contrast.  Top it all off with a colorful throw blanket, and the room is ready to go.  Even the boy with the most I couldn’t care less attitude about their room will love this.


Here’s another of some great boy bedroom ideas that will knock their socks off.  Why not do a camp in boys bedroom.  All it takes is a woodsy painting on the wall, a bed draped over to seem like a tent, and some pictures of wildlife to complete the effect.  All of this enhanced by some of nature’s colors like shades of green, brown, rust, and tan, with a touch of gold thrown in here and there for a brighter effect.  Perhaps a carpet with a cool, earthy tone would also be good to simulate the forest floor.  The whole feel will be like one long camping that lasts the whole night.  You can really be proud of this as one of your better boy bedroom ideas.

The last suggestion is something really fun.  A baseball inspired boys bedroom.  Perfect for that little sports lover of yours.  Start off with a neutral colored wall.  You don’t want to draw the eye’s attention to the wall, but to the items that will be hanging upon it and surrounding it.  They should all be baseball related, from pictures to posters, to a baseball bat and ball pasted strategically onto the door, and some baseball themed pillows stacked at the head of the bed to really complete the atmosphere and help showcase your boy bedroom ideas.  No boy in his right mind wouldn’t like this setup, and especially one who is a rabid baseball fan.  In fact, you might decide you’d like to spend some extra time in that bedroom even if as mom, you aren’t to be counted among the baseball lovers of the world.

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