Flower pot design ideas and a flower pot crafts your little Gardeners

Spring and summer is a great time to throw a children’s garden party. It’s fun Flower Pot craft ideas to keep the little gardeners busy as a bee.

Flower pot design ideas outdoorFinding a small wooden or plastic Flower pot design ideas at any garden store or hobby shop. Make sure the pot has a lighter color, so it’s easier to paint and decorate. Ask the children to write their names before the bottom of the pot. Impose a variety of paints and some brushes.
For a bright and colorful pot, it is the children paint the pot completely with one color of paint. Two coats of paint is best.

Flower pot designs for kidsSince the Flower pot design ideas dry out, to create “flowers” using tissue paper. Buy different colors of tissue paper and cut out squares or circles. You can also use pinking shears for a fun edge. Knot or a screw to one end of the tube cleaner into a ball. Take 7 or 8 pieces of any color tissue paper and push them one by one through the other end of the tube cleaner (through the center of the paper) all the way up to the closed end. When you have multiple pieces of tissue from the pipe cleaner, crush them closed fist in the head to look like a flower. Repeat this several times, so you end up with some flowers.

Another idea is to make tulips, with parts of the egg carton. Just cut foam sections and cut into the top of the V-shapes shows tulip. Have the kids paint the flowers. The tribes use a green pipe cleaner. Simply twist the other end of the pipe cleaner and glue it to the bottom of the tulip.

Flower pot designs decorMake funny critters as ladybugs, bumble bee larvae, or the inside of the pot. There are lots of funny mistakes Flower pot design ideas online. You can create a variety of different types of errors with Styrofoam balls, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaner and paint. For less expensive boats, pom poms use. Glue together the three different colored pom poms and add wiggly eyes crazy caterpillar. You can also use a large red and small black tassel and a beautiful ladybug.

When the pot is dry, paint a fun design, such as flowers, butterflies or spots. Add green floral foam inside the pot and place the flowers in the foam. Add the chopped green tissue at the base of the flowers.

Flower pot designs paint

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