Fresh and Exclusive Ideas for Teenage Bedroom Design

Of course, bedrooms for teens must be filled with the most durable and safe to use and health furniture, because, despite the fact that the height and weight of the teen are almost as of an adult, it still remains a child. Furniture must be capable for spontaneous and funny pranks of kids to play, but shall not lead to injuries. Besides, we should not forget that the corners of furniture, located in the girl’s bedroom do not have to be very sharp or bulge, because often children’s rooms in modern apartments are not very large. For girls, and for any teenagers, free space is very important, even in a small room. No need to clutter the area. Therefore, furniture for teen’s bedroom must be chosen functional, mobile and modular, which is always possible to remove, use or rearranged as they see fit. Even a folding sofa is acceptable option. It is also necessary to take into account that sofa must be of the highest quality, as the spine of teen girl still formed, and she would disassemble/assemble the sofa every day.


Girl’s bedroom ideas

Room for girl-teenager becomes her personal space, arranged for her taste preferences. And as if the parents did not want to choose for her daughter’s furniture, wallpaper, curtains and other interior elements, you need to keep yourself in hand because your role in setting up the room for teenage-girl is reduced to only suggest how best to choose the furniture, so it was not only beautiful, but also multi-functional, safe for health, and choose best materials for it.

Boy’s bedroom ideas

Bedroom for boy – sea theme. Pirates, submarines, ships and cabin – a win-win solution for a design of decorated bedroom. If your baby is prone to adventure, interested in marine issues, such a children’s room is the one which he will dream about. The main color of the room – blue and all its shades. Accessories in the room – globe, map, rope, flags, round clock – the steering wheel, toy treasures.


Bedroom for a tech-boy. Each boy will find his own passion – cars, trains, planes, spaceships, tanks. The list can be continued … Someone who loves the railroad, surely will be pleased by “locomotive-bed”. The main color of the room – all shades. Accessories in the room – big toys, bright posters, handmade wooden models of equipment.

Bedroom for boy – sports theme.If your house is growing boy athlete, it is logical to surround him with appropriate atmosphere. The main color of the room – red and white.Accessories in the room – Boxing pear, sports corner, frames with diplomas, posters of athletes idols.

The theme of nature is suitable for children of either sex. This theme is recommended for bedroom of two children, so as not to infringe on someone’s interests. The main color of the room – neutral colors – beige, blue, green, yellow.Accessories in the room – large indoor plants, bright pictures of animals, aquarium, yellow – a symbol of the sun.

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