Give Your Boys a Gift – Bedroom Ideas for the Boys

So your son just ran into your lap talking excitedly about how much fun he had at that sleepover at his friend’s house. He even wants to go back there again this weekend. He thinks his friends room is the coolest with that iron man theme going on and all the toys. If you say he can’t go back for another sleepover then he may be moping around the house all week. Rather than give in to his wishes and risk bothering his friend’s parents every weekend with an extra mouth, why not redecorate his room and make his friend want to come over.

Men have an inbuilt desire to have something to call their own and it begins with their room as kids. You do not want your son’s room to look the same as yours. This article explains two things you may want to consider when designing a boy’s room.


Ask Batman

Well not literally go to Gotham and ask batman but the little one in your son’s head. Kids are very imaginative and will concoct all types of fantasies in their heads. They are however very different for every child and since your boy will be spending their time in the room and it is for them, it is best to involve them in picking a theme. You do not want to give your son an iron-man theme when he is really more into the man of steel (superman). Ask your son to contribute and in this way you will be sure that he loves his room. You may even want to let him pick the bed and other pieces to go into the room. This will make him proud of his own room.

Leave Space

Boys are very active and a whole lot messier than girls. You will therefore want to leave the little man enough room to jump around and play in.  You also do not want to fill his room with sharp edges toys and furniture because boys do love to play rough. The more space there is for playing, the less the chances of injury due to fights over space when their friends come over. You may also want to invest in trunks that fit in with the general theme of the bedroom where the boys can throw their toys when they are done. You may have a very hard time convincing them to arrange their toys every time they are done playing. Trunks make it easier for their rooms to stay neat without all the fuss of “arranging stuff.”

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