Japanese Bathroom Design for Your House

Japanese bathroom design made from natural material. The examples are stone and wood. It is making a comfortable place to relax and detoxification from stress causing by daily activities. The bathroom functions more than a pit stop.

traditional japanese bathroom design
small japanese bathroom design
In the Japanese bathroom design, as I said above, the materials come from natural element. Bamboo is often use because it is easy to replace. Besides, it is really easy renewable resource. The most Japanese look is on its floor, it used straw mats. In Japanese, it is called tatami.

modern japanese bathroom design
japanese bathroom design small space
The Japanese bathroom design uses the minimalist style. Simple color looks contrast with rich color of its material. No wonder that many western countries apply it in their house. If it is combined in the perfect composition, it will create a great look also.

japanese bathroom design home
japanese bathroom design ideas

No need to place many accessories. Japanese love to use one or two but it is really expensive and elegant. They believe that it will increase their pride sharply. That is why you can see only a simple design for Japanese bathroom design

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