Keys to Make Vintage Mode for Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

Vintage design has made a steady comeback since the turn of the millennium. Fashion and even interior design has drawn inspiration from vintage themes. This article will outline a few bedroom ideas for girls who are going for a vintage look in their bedrooms. This will be focused on teenage girl’s bedroom ideas.

Now, your daughter might want to decorate her own room, so when decorating for teens, it’s important to give them enough room for themselves while decorating. Instead of hanging things on the wall for her, allow them to hang their own decorations. You can paint the room with lacy designs to forego putting up pre-framed pictures. That way, your daughter can place her own pictures or decorations on the wall.


There are lots of fabrics out there that are great for vintage-inspired rooms. Try lace edging combined with a heavy fabric for the bedspread, or try any fabric with a floral or rustic pattern. The curtains may or may not have the same fabric scheme or pattern; it’s your choice. Soft throw pillows that match the color scheme of the room also help bring out the vintage air of the entire room. Either patterned or embroidered pillows trimmed with lace or tassels would suffice. As for the bed, try getting a bed with low, carved posts, and an elegantly painted headboard. Or you can paint your own headboard if you want.

The furniture itself should reflect the vintage aura of the entire room. Vintage furniture usually brings to mind images of metal handles and lots of drawers neatly arranged over each other. Try collecting furniture with either graceful curves (especially for dresses and tables) or stately, straight edges. The same shapes should be repeated throughout the room, so that a straight backed-chair would not look out of place in a room full of flowing edges. Try a softly colored lampshade for a table lamp and a crystal chandelier. The chandelier need not be over-the-top; a smaller one with metal fittings would suffice.

Most vintage rooms have color schemes of ivory or white. If you like having ivory or white as a main color, accentuate it with pops of bright peach or textured gray. Metallic or pearlescent paints can also be great accent colors to a vintage room, as long as it doesn’t clash with the other colors present in the room. Remember that if you want a certain color to be used in a room; don’t relegate it to one area. Make sure that color is repeated throughout the room. These are only a few tips for giving a room the vintage look, but experiment and see what works for you and your teenage daughter, sister, or relative.

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