Oriental Carpet Stair Treads

When using an Oriental Carpet Stair Treads runner steps? First of all I want to clarify what the carpet runner is – it’s when you install carpet on stairs, but leave space at the ends so you can see the ends of the hardwood.

Why do people put runners? There are three main reasons: 1) decorations 2) Safety, and 3) reduce squeaks.

Oriental Carpet Stair Treads design1. Using a carpet runner for decoration. If these are your stairs, and especially if they can see on your porch, it’s one of the first things guests (or potential buyers) see. So, if you want to make a statement and a grand entrance, this is a very easy way to spice things up. It adds some flair and sophistication, and comfort of these houses are usually. Runners can be very formal design (think classic patterns or oriental rugs) or can be simple. Regardless of whether you want to try to compare the color of the carpet vs hard stairs.

Oriental Carpet Stair Treads decor2. Using Oriental Carpet Stair Treads a step runner safety. My two most common requests that circumvent children / toddlers and aging pets. For a new mom who needs to do her newborn up and down the stairs, he may feel insecure or afraid that she’s going to shove his most precious possession of all. Just as young children learn, grow and try to get up and down stairs, they often slip. Runner it difficult for them to slip and / or when they do, it absorbs shocks (I guess diapers will also help). I also have a lot of customers who love their pets so much, and they age, pets challenges steps. Carpet runners can provide good solutions for them.

Oriental Carpet Stair Treads colour3. Using Oriental Carpet Stair Treads runner to reduce creaking. Adding carpet runner does not solve creaking. However, it tends to dampen sound. Sometimes cracking due to poor installation steps or sometimes it’s just because the house is old and the problems are solved. Other times it is because there are some steps (treads are a big part of the three) and an amateur did it in a cheap way … they just added to the logs (the kind you use on the first floor) and add stairnose ends. Over time, this will cause the timber and rub against each other in such a way creaking. If you do not have this, you can partially solve this by adding a number of measures to secure the plates with screws (it did not fix it, and it may come back over time, but it certainly helps). You can then put a runner on and the screws on the cover and reduce noise up.

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