Rooftop swimming pool design ideas

In urban areas there is not much room for gardens, especially buildings side of the street. In general, roof gardens created using commercial planters. A simple garden can be an underestimate of what you can create using plant containers because you can actually create a haven of them on top of the building. A variety of indoor and outdoor Rooftop swimming pool design ideas, which can be used for your own self-made oasis is:

Rooftop swimming pool 20121. Large planters – you must be a large plantation owners, where you can put your hedges, shrubs or tall trees, which can serve as liners or walls around the entire area. By putting them in pots can be a bit messy. Large planters can also guide the plants if you plan to put a garden where you can plant a flower bed.

2. Modern Planters – make a fascinating oasis on the roof, you can use some of the well-designed modern Rooftop swimming pool design ideas that can illuminate the whole area. It is stylish, modern planters, and a stylish indoor and outdoor use to farmers who can complement today’s modern interiors.

3. Fiberglass Planters – usually large pots are made of fiberglass, because it is one of the strongest materials used in the plant containers. Fiberglass planters are ideal for outdoor settings, because of its durability, withstands severe or unfavorable conditions.

Rooftop swimming pool design ideas4. Custom Planters – you can plan out the design your oasis on the roof before it is used in planter boxes. You can always order custom pots, which can be especially making based on the design. Manufacturers are even willing to help you come up with an outdoor plant that is most ideal for the proposed design.

Rooftop swimming pool constructionCommercial planters on the Rooftop swimming pool design ideas is good media to bring nature on top of a long, fully furnished, concrete building. To complete the nature-inspired rooftop, you can set the properties of water, such as a fountain, a small pond or stream, and even a swimming pool. Do not forget to put the outdoor patio or dining room, where you can relax and enjoy the feeling of an oasis in the middle.

Rooftop swimming pool decor

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