Splendid Simple Discount Dining Table of Oriental Theme

In eastern Asian countries, especially in Japan, the design of dining table is really different in comparison to what conventional table would look like. However, this distinct concept of design is a good bargain since it comes in smaller size, in sleek construction, that makes the price cheaper. A good example is this simple discount dining table, that while is cheaper than most table set, appears really exotic for incorporating oriental theme to its design and construction.

Antique Simple Discount Dining Table with Four Chairs

The Design of the Simple Discount Dining Table

The table set is almost wholly constructed with woods. The remaining exceptions are of course the soft bunk that are featured as the seats. The wooden material is carved really carefully for this one, as apparent from the really smooth surface of the entire construction. It is further enhanced with glossy polishing that coats the dark brown paint color that has been applied previously. Since the table set is an oriental dining table, all of the chairs feature no supporting feet. The height of the table is also shorter than usual.

It has been mentioned that while the chairs feature no supporting feet, they still feature soft pad as the seats. These pads are removable from the chair. Each of them comes in square design with dark brown color, that makes them resembles pillow more than seat pad. The sleek design of the table is also emphasized by the cornered construction that molds each of the item from the dining table set.

Charming Wooden Simple Discount Dining Table with White Carpet

Additional Features of the Simple Discount Dining Table

Considering how simple and minimalist the design of this oriental dining table is, it should be obvious now how it could come in cheaper price. The sleek table design also makes it easy to put the table in any kind of interior segment. The best idea is, however, to put it against room with vibrant interior setting. The table set also comes with a decorative lamp that looks really oriental and adorable.

Minimalist Simple Discount Dining Table with Teo Wooden Chairs

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