Stone and wood combination floor

Are you looking for a picture of a beautiful new living room floor to make good? Stone and wood combination floor is becoming more popular and affordable option for homeowners who want a floor that looks good and lasts for an abuse of an active family can dish out. Over the past two decades, progress in manufacturing technology brought out of laminate flooring Realms “cheap option”. Today’s laminates are versatile, durable and virtually indistinguishable from the “real thing”.

Stone and wood combination floor 2012“Real Thing” as Stone and wood combination floor in two mostly hardwood, laminate, but the manufacturing process gives unlimited possibilities for design and materials. Because the real figure is an image that is embedded in the floor below the crystal clear protective coating, laminate flooring look oak or cherry, fine terracotta or ceramic or marble or slate. With the development of high-tech imaging processes and materials, laminate flooring is quickly becoming known as the best choice for flooring for any active family.

Four Layer Construction – stability, versatility, durability and beauty
The secret of durability and beauty lies in the laminate manufacturing processes and materials used to make them. A sheet of laminate consisting of four layers, which are bound together by a combination of pressure and heat. Each layer serves a specific purpose in construction.

Layer 1: Back Layer

Stone and wood combination floor ideasStone and wood combination floor is designed in accordance with the above the existing floor without the attachment. Back layer laminate flooring is usually made of melamine, a tough, water-resistant acrylic, which protects the core layer of the floor from moisture damage. This means that the laminate can be used in areas not recommended for wood and other layers that can not rise to damage.

Layer 2: inner core

Stone and wood combination floor decorBetween the back layer and the decorative layer is a flexible fibre board core. The material used in the core varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Fiberboard pressed together to create a compact, flexible center, which gives laminate Spring “which separates it from hardwood or stone flooring. Fibre board subject either a pressure or a combination of pressure and heat to give it greater strength.

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