Stunning Balanced Design Sports Chic Style for Any Houses

Almost all designs in home and interior design are about the special theme you can mention. For example, there are modern, traditional, contemporary, minimalist, trendy, urban, and many other designs. It is said by designers that you always can combine two or more designs in one house or even in one space. Therefore, balanced design was created to meet this demand by people who like not only one specific design but more than one as well.

Wooden Cladding Provides Privacy When Needed

The focal point of this design idea is to have one big theme as main part, and at the same time have one or more themes for additional in designing decorations. Therefore, building house with balanced design concepts will combine shiny items, with wooden materials, stone textures, glass surfaces, and others to create ergonomic place. Do not forget for finishing, you always can place plants outside your home as exterior designs and lamps as additional choice.

Minimalist touch can be achieved by using neutral toned furnishings. For example use dark blue upholstered sofas for living room, paint the walls with white color and put extensive amount of large sized windows. Combine these neutral items with green chairs or seating, as earth theme, to make all colors balance not only plain ones but with other themes’ colors. Modern kitchen is to use steel cabinets and kitchen wares. But for minimalist effects keep accessories at minimum level. Combine silver color from steel materials with sparkling white furniture, thereby it gives good nuance for clean kitchen.

Glass Doors And Windows Provide Ample Ventilation

As for bedroom, it also needs balanced design decorations. Use only white bed sheets and white pillows for your bedding concept. Paint all walls with white color. This way your bedroom will look minimalist. For adding contemporary yet minimalist touch, use wooden couch and table, but don’t forget to add dark blue ottoman in your bed’s foot. And to make it all well combined place any pictures or paintings on the wall.

Contemporary Bedroom In White In The Aurea Residence

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