Turn Your Son’s Bedroom into a Sports-Lover’s Dream

Design a fun, yet practical bedroom for your sports-loving boy with these fantastic boy bedroom ideas focused on sports themes.  Whether he loves all sports, like football, soccer, hockey, basketball and baseball, or just has one special team he plays for you can transform your child’s bedroom into a sports haven and really have a ball doing it too.  Best of all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but can be accomplished for a very reasonable sum.  Here’s some suggestions on how to do it:


Brand New Walls, Bed and Accents

One of the boy bedroom ideas you might try is to forget about repainting the walls, unless they are some truly atrocious color that you feel you can’t possibly tolerate any longer.  Instead, bring those mundane walls to life with life-size stickups of sports players, scoreboards, scenes from football, basketball, etc.

If you want to do something really special you can get a novelty sports theme bed, maybe with a sports themed headboard, place some bean bags around the room for sitting made like a soccer ball, football, basketball, etc., you get the idea.  Rather than getting a new mirror just put some baseball cards around the frame, add a football wall clock, and some scatter some sports equipment about the room for additional accents, and you’re set to go.  Just one more boy bedroom idea and you can consider yourself done and congratulate yourself on a fine job.


Display Awards

If your son is more than just an observer when it comes to sports, but plays for a certain team, maybe baseball, soccer, basketball, whatever sport it may be, you want to acknowledge his accomplishments.  Find the perfect spot to display all of his achievement awards, sports trophies, and winning ribbons.  For the crowning touch hang some pennants and sports flags of his favorite teams above the headboard of the bed and you have completed your task with yet another perfect boy bedroom idea.

When your son sees this room he will be overjoyed, guaranteed.  Not only will he simply be thrilled to be surrounded by items from all the sports he enjoys watching and participating in, but he will know that a lot of time, energy, and thought went into creating this room just for him.  You didn’t just redecorate the room because you felt it was time, but you did it for him too, taking into consideration his wishes and his likes and dislikes.  That will go a long way towards saying just how much you care without having to put it into words.

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