Urban roof vegetable garden

The roof terrace is a kind of carpet plants on the roof of your house. It reduces storm water runoff and to improve energy efficiency in buildings. The size and shape can vary depending on the roof garden. Many of the gardens are small, because the Urban roof vegetable garden models, while others can laze in almost the entire roof.

Rooftop gardens are effective ways to remove water runoff. It is self-maintenance, designed to save water, reduce energy costs, and provide an elegant framework for eco-native plants, rolling exotic grasses and vegetable gardening and lures for roof gardens.

Urban roof vegetable garden 2012The Urban roof vegetable garden is usually seen in urban areas where there is limited space for growing edible and ornamental plants. It may be purely decorative, such as a garden, which is surrounded by a roof pool high position in hotels. It may also be helpful to provide a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Urban roof vegetable garden ideasHerb gardening can perform your own roof. This can be as simple as a flower garden or vegetable garden. Select herbs that can be grown in a square garden boxes or containers. Many herbs can grow quite tall. You also have to consider their mature size before planting them. A small raised garden box or a container garden is good because it is portable.

Urban roof vegetable garden decorCreating a Urban roof vegetable garden can be very helpful. Not only can it provide a nice landscape, it can also help to increase the value of your home. When you create one, check the foundation of the building. Check waterproofing, drainage and maximum capacity. Always ensure that the roof can hold the weight that you can put on your roof.

When you create the floor rooftop terrace, lighter, pavers, wood and stone, which can not be weighed. Wood chips and crushed gravel is a great option for your lighter floor roof terrace.

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